Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Lost

Hello once again. This is one sad week for the Iowa Film Nerd. It is the week of mid-terms and one of the great writers of the great decades has passed. Hunter S. Thompson. Although I have only read one of his books, I was completely taken by the effects of it. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was eye-opening experience. What a fucking trip! Within that book there were so many things that made me laugh, and there were other times were I was completely taken back by the attitude of the main characters. I identify with the search for the "American Dream" out there, for I too am in this same boat. When and where will I find mine? But this event brought to mind thoughts of re-evaluating my life, with so much to experience in the world when I will have time to consume it. There are so many brilliant people in the world, but will I meet any in Sioux City, Iowa? When there is a loss of this magnitude, it just hurts inside. This also brings out feelings like I should begin to write. I write papers, but I just need to write and get my life on paper, because who knows when I will meet my demise. When this happens in my life, will I have something to offer the world in my place? Did I make an impact in the world or was I just a waste of space? All I know is that, with the loss of Hunter S. Thompson, there must be another to rise up and take his place. So I ask the college students to challenge the "American Dream" and find our own, tell your perception of reality, and offer yourself to society to become a blunt tool of criticism. We all need to strive for uniqueness. As for now, I'm over and out. Oh yeah, Dallas this is for you. "Peace Out"


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