Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Motivation Wanted!

Hello. Once again your film nerd is back. I am facing the problem that most college students do everywhere: Motivation! I feel a lackluster towards my studies this time of the year. I am now sitting in my room typing on my laptop procrastinating the inevitable time where I will have to get my books out and half-ass my assignments into completion. For tomorrow I need to write two papers and the motivation to work on these is nowhere to be found. I searched high and low in the stacks of DVD's and CD's that clutter my desk. Also I searched in the entertainment system that commands my room, but nowhere was motivation to write. It is sad to say but it is commercialism that is to blame for this, instead of the passion or desire to consume a course here at college I rather sit in my room and play a game that I have beaten numerous times. Halo 2 is the blame for this downfall in desire; a nice game of Team Slayer with 8 or 9 Halo 2 of my fellow junkies on campus is more tempting than reading a legal brief of The New York Times vs. Sullivan. You may think that Halo 2 is the only culprit in this crime of mass destruction of motivation, but no there are also the DVD's, CD's, books, MP3's, and many other things that can so easily distract me from my studies. I think that it might be the avaiabilty of these vices is whom I shall blame. Sometimes I need complete isolation from society to get any work done. There is always someone in the dorm that wants to play Halo 2, wants to watch a movie, or just wants to "talk", not imagining that I still need to complete my homework. I wonder if these people do their homework. This makes me think that next time an assignment comes along I need to run from the class directly into my room, and avoid as many people as possible. Once inside my room I will proceed to padlock and chain my room shut, taking the phone off of the hook and taking the battery out of my cell phone. I will hang a sign on my door saying "Stay the fuck away! I'm trying to do homework!" Oh well, with all of this bitching, I am still nowhere close to being done with the fore mentioned homework. Until next time, try to watch a good movie.


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