Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscars: or the Night that Scorsese won.

Tonight is something that I have never done before. I am trying to blog moment by moment, minute by minute in an attempt to give you few readers a reactionary blog to my night of nights.

4:54 P.M.

Marty Scorsese just got done talking to Oscar runway with Roepert and his sidekick that has a face that emits a orange hue. I am salivating at the event that I have been waiting for my whole year. I am excited for The Departed, Little Miss Sunshine(which wont win a whole lot), and Children of Men. I am less excited for the multitude of pictures that I have not viewed yet this year. There was a large number of films that were in the race this year. To be vague, 60+ which is only a few more than the normal amount. A few quick predictions about this night, Martin Scorsese for Best Director, The Departed for Best Picture, Forest Whitaker for Best Actor, Jennifer Hudson for Best Supporting Actress, Happy Feet for Best Animated Film (even though not a whole lot to pick from this year), Helen Mirren for Best Actress, and lastly An Inconvenient Truth for Best Documentary.

5:09 P.M.

First segment is filled with the Red Carpet walk. Interview with Steve Carrel and Leonardo DiCaprio. Carrel funny, DiCaprio insightful with the standard questions of "How does it feel?" The intro was kind of funny, featuring a number of the characters nominated in films all over. Not a bad start, but not great. Hopefully it picks up.

5:50 P.M.

First win of the night goes to the fabulous art direction of Pan's Labyrinth. Glad this film was horroned with the first win. The beginning was humorous. Ellen started off with a rather funny string of awkward jokes about her dream of always hosting this award show. I chuckled quite a bit. The pacing is good so far.

5:57 P.M.

Ha, Jack Black, Will Ferell, and John C. Reily come out for a great musical about why comedians never win Oscars. Also the second award of the night goes to Pan's Labyrinth for Best makeup. And now the young stars of the nominated films of Pursuit of happyness(yes it is misspelled and Little Miss Sunshine. They presented the award for Best Animated Short. The young Smith boy said the wrong line, but Abigail covered nicely. There was a lot of ooo's and ahh's. I am growing tires of seeing the "Frodo" line when they blaze through the nominations.

6:26 P.M.

Although the sound mixing and editing was great to hear, the real surprise of this last segment was the Best Supporting Actor Award going to Alan Arkin. Loved the movie and his performance. He was choked up towards the end.

6:39 P.M.

The nominated songs for Cars and An Inconvenient Truth were performed by their respected creators. Although the songs were never what I tune into the show for, but they are always and added bonus. The Departed trailer/introduction for the Best Picture was showed and the last image should be the used promote for the film box art. Jack's crazed blood-shot eyes and the title is all they needed. Great stuff. Too bad you have to see Jack with a shaved head and clean shaven. Make me think a little more about all of those rumors that he is not doing all that well, health-wise.

7:01 P.M.

So The Departed is 1 for 2. William Monahan won for Best Adapted Screenplay, after a great writing montage over the history of writers in film. I am so glad to hear that it won. Now I just hope that it will win the remaining three Oscars in Best Picture, Editing, and lastly Direction. Now Best Costume goes to Marie Antoinette. And dear god, here comes the great actor turned bon-e-fid Hollywood crazy. Now I am growing old waiting for the damn Ennion Morricone award and the rest of the big awards.

7:17 P.M.

With the win for Best Cinematography and all of the praises of the winners for Toro's vision, he has a very tall order to fill in his next picture. Although, I didn't love Hellboy, I am now thinking more and more that I need to revisit it. There has to be something that I didn't see in it. So far this year, I think that Pan's will have the best percentage so far in the race. It is 3 for 3, with another three to go including Best Foreign Film, writing, and Soundtrack.

7:37 P.M.

I guess I spoke too soon about Pan's. But what it has already is impressive. This propels me need to see The Lives of Others, which won the Oscar. But before that was a very touching and emotional montage of all of the Best Foreign Picture winners. I am still wondering about the title for the Bicycle Thieves. The literal translation of the title is Bicycle Thieves, but it was credited as The Bicycle Thief.

8:04 P.M.

I am shocked by one of the people at the Oscars. During the honorary Oscar for Ennio Morricone, someone shouted "Hey, in English!" I wonder who that asshole was, and why he was there. Other than that, this was an amazing tribute to a great man, great composer, a legend. I am very pleased by the tribute. It is back on, better watch. Another phrase that is bugging me on the nominees page is "Well, do ya punk"

8:49 P.M.

Well after debating with friends over the internet, I have slacked on my duties to this blog entry. A lot has happened in these few segments, including Thelma winning for Best Editing, which I hopes makes the last two nominations into the Oscar Gold for Picture and Director. Marty was welling up with tears, after she dedicated her Oscar to him. Only moments away from the moment I have been waiting for, all night long.

9:19 P.M.

The credits roll and feel so deeply satisfied by the results. I feel like a fat hog after a huge meal. The results of tonight are a dream come true. The Departed went 4/5 for the night, but it one four great categories, Editing, Picture, Writing, and most importantly Direction by master Scorsese. Now I can sleep well.


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