Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Moving to L.A.? You Have to be Outta Your Fucking Mind?!

Someone once told me that life is about change, evolution. It is the best thing for us. It constantly makes us test ourselves for the better, and sometimes for worse. If this is all true, I would say that I am living quite a bit. I have made the move to Orange, California. I am now living with my great-cousin Floyd and his wife Diane. This is a change that I have wanted for quite some time, but like all things the desire and the moves were there but not like I imagined. I think that my perpetual sin of character is my wild imagination. Often when I think about these big moves and changes in my life, I create wild fantasies that for exceed what reality can contain. I am not sure if this is a terrible thing for me. That is at least one of the reasons that I have chosen career path, the film industry.

All of the things that I have imagined about this town and area of the country, I think are still intact but are hidden in a world that few have the key to. So I am currently searching high and low for these rare and hidden access-holes and befriend the gatekeepers. I have been here for a little over five days, so I haven'’t been too worried about my lack of job at the moment. I do have my boots coming in less than a week so I can start to work in the hot sun of the Orange, CA in the construction industry if a better job isn't procured before that date.

I did get to venture out to the little island of Katelina off of the coast of L.A. It was a beautiful trip out there, but I was a little dissappointed with the tourist trap of a town, Avalon. You could hang out on the beach, buy some expensive and utterly overpriced food at the cafes, or do some parasailing and other like beach activities that would cost you an arm and/or leg. The journey out there was the best part. It was a great day and the sun was shinning in the sky. There was an occation were the dolphines joined us to swim along side the luxurious boat we were on. We got to see seagulls and pilot dolphines as we speed by them.

We also had the chance to view a canoe race that happens once a year. There are ten men on a team, four on the canoe. One man stays on the canoe the whole time because he is the pilot and controlls the steering for the vessel. The other three are constantly changed around. The replacements are dumped in the water ahead of the speeding canoe, and when they are reached the current men jump ship while the three resting in the water hop aboard, trying not to lose much speed. This race is a test of endurance, since the course is only a mere 28 miles long.

Back to the task at hand: my situation. I am currently trying to get my bearings and become familiar with the surreal experience that is Southern California. The drivers are faster and seem to move radically about, but I have been told by Bob that Orange drivers are nothing at all like the fucking insanity that is true of the drivers of L.A. County. I recently checked out the shitty mall that is in Santa Ana only a five minute drive from my current location. I realized that the priorities of these mall is superficial and only contains stores that are meant for people with clothing agendas. It contained only one music/DVD store and one video game store, the rest were shops that had either clothing, jewelry, or something that can be worn on your body. I was shocked that there wasn'’t a single bookstore, but I guess I think too highly of these Californians. Them……..I think not. After all, California is known for its movies, potheads/hippies, and its superficialities. I think that I am coming down a little hard, but who really cares???


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California! California! California! ....just imagine me screaming/singing the themse song from the o.c. too much sun exposure over long periods of time isn't good for anyone. stay inside, read books indoors and avoid the california sun that boils your brain. har.har.


9/21/2006 10:06 PM  

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