Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Desk Space and Internet

One of the things that has frustrated me largely since moving back home after college is not the parents’ and the lack of drinking/partying. It is the lack of space and internet quality. Currently, I have been migrating between a desk downstairs in the office and the one upstairs that was taken from an office building, complete with cubical walls. Both of these choices are populated with computers and random shit.

I am currently banging the keyboard in the basement; it is far more secluded and isolated. I like the isolated feeling to the basement, not to mention the overall coolness of the temperatures too, but it is currently being too cluttered for my liking. I am not talking about a population of people migrating here; it is the papers and clutter that accumulates over the days. It is getting downright disturbing. It is affecting my overall attitude and demeanor over the past month. People have always been struggling over land, cities, and just general space, I need mine too! My room is cluttered with all of my stuff that I stuffed in my dorm room; I guess there is just not enough space for me. I feel like I am about to go insane with claustrophobia. I look around and wonder if my parents even have organization for all of the papers and things that they have lying around here, I had an order for my dorm desk do they? They have a computer they don’t need covering up a desk that I could easily use for my own. My sister has a desk with internet access, why don’t I?

That brings me to my next complaint, the internet speed. We have a satellite, and unfortunately it is a rather shitty one. It is clocking in at about 40 kb/sec, which I believe is rather poor. I noticed on Google Video today that a bunch of their video’s you normally would pay for are available for free today. I, of course, checked out the Charlie Rose Show. IT is an interview show that has a whole slue of different authors, actors, directors, writers, economists, politicians, and general influential and important people as guests. I have only had enough time to view a few of them due to the abnormally slow internet connection to day. They are typically an hour long, but it has been taking me more than an hour to load/watch a mere ten minutes of one.

Well, if the generosity of these corporations extends to more days, I would advise to watch a few. I watched an episode with Martin Scorsese and a couple with Hunter S. Thompson. Both of which re-affirmed my love for both of these men and their respective crafts. My only desire is that I could have been able to meet Hunter S. Thompson while he was still alive. He is anomaly, a freak with an amazing power to outlive what society has deemed to the average population dangerous and extremely harmful to our health. I guess he just had a strong will and strong immune system to guide him through most of the booze and LSD.

Iowa Film Nerd

PS. Almost done with the next ten of my top 30


Anonymous Victoria said...

I'm sorry to hear that your internet is still annoying you... I know you have been having troubles with it since the first day you were back home.

Maybe this is just a reason to ween yourself of of your computer. With the laptops everyone has here, we all become so quickly dependent on them for something to do. Maybe this whole thing at home will help save your eyesight from being sucked out of you!

6/30/2006 6:16 PM  

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