Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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I thought that is has been a while since I had posted something on this, so a blog no matter how big or small it is to be. I recently read Cliff's blog about his future plans and the generosity of people. I agree that people can be generous; in fact it amazes me how they can be, especially family. This past summer I made the choice to go to New York. My parents shelled out the money to have the experience out there. When I was there, relatives took me out to nice restaurants, sometimes very pricey restaurants, showed me around the city, and made me feel welcome in a strange city. It happened to be one of the best experiences of my life.

I have spoken a lot about how worried, scared, and terrified out of my skull that I am, but all of this is starting to fade a little. Don't worry, I am still terrified but now it is a little less. Fear and being scared of things makes us, it motivates us, but on the other hand it paralyzes us in a way. I recently watched the excellent movie V for Vendetta. If you were to boil down the movie into one lesson it would be about the power or effects that fear has on people. Fear was the whole driving force behind the government. V showed that it could be a powerful and useful weapon against people, even mass quantities. Fear hinders our true emotions and restrains them. It is more often than not, our society has repressed many different factions of people into thinking that what they do it wrong. And I feel that because this is a Christian nation, and currently a Catholic one, it has allowed the basic fear of God to allow our nation's leaders to utilize these powers.

Now to get to my plans. I am going to try for the sunny state of California. I have a relative who lives out there that knows a few people, not to mention a close friend that is in the area. With the use of their contacts, hopefully I can get the ball rolling out there. It would be nice to try a different climate, because frankly the current one is getting old for the moment. Last night we had 10 inches of snow, the previous days where in the 40's. A week before that, 50's. Iowa never seems to make up its mind on what to be; spring, fall, and winter all seem to be acceptable at the moment. Another advantage would to be see what the other end of the country is like. New York, I know I love. They are fast paced when they need to be, slow when they need to be. They are knowledgeable and well versed. They are the culture Mecca of the current era. Who knows when the Mecca will change, but for the time being it was there.

That is all for now. Go see V for Vendetta. Best movie of the new year, the rest don't even attempt to measure up to this film.

Over and out,
Iowa Film Nazi


Blogger Logan "Barry" Anderson said...

I have a solution to all of your problems, move into the mountains and become a hermit!

3/24/2006 7:59 AM  

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