Thursday, February 09, 2006

Technology, the Drug of Choice

Man's worst enemy has to be technology. It allows us to conquer out fears , just to create new ones. Technology advances society, and kills the soul. Walden was written because of technology, why don't we go back. We can't! Technology made us go too far. Society forget to ask itself whether we any more.

I think a lot of problems arise out of our current trend of isolationism. It is a great ism'. We all retreat to our own little rooms with our computers and TV's. Why would we ever want to leave our room. It is too God damn comfortable! I look around my room now, I see stacks of books and DVD's cluttering my bookshelves- not to mention the massive TV that commands the room, demanding that it be used. The 20's had pianos, the 00's have state of the art theater systems. I blame you not Cliff for your crimes of isolation. I, too, am comfortable in my 12 x 20 concrete-enforced castle.

This is why I have fascinated about moving away from this modern soul crushing society. I need to get back to the Earth, make myself simple again. Fuck crack and heroine, technology is the hardest drug to quit cold turkey. There is no treatment, no cure. Technology gives one of the greatest highs in the world, but like all drugs will render you with a crash-down that will make you cease to function. If you doubt my words, then you are either an addict or have never had a taste of the sweet nectar.

Writing this makes me feel better about my own problems with technology, but only in the minimal sense. For I am weak and helpless, leaving technology will turn me into a jellyfish washed up on shore. Like the rest of my generation, I will never be able to quit this drug. I am not going to be too depressed about this, I will forget all about this a few minutes into the next episode of LOST. Fuck me sideways! This world sucks, too bad I am too lazy to do anything about it.


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