Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sleep all day, watch all night

I have been on break from college for exactly a week now, and although I love this, it is still oddly boring. I really am loving this time off from school and responsibility, it is kind of boring. When taking classes, it is a steady pace of tasks that are needed to be completed every day. It seems without these daily obligations right now, I am lost and starting to have a lackluster attitude towards normal necessary tasks such as the preparation and consumption of food. Have I become so lazy in my breaks that I have lost the will to prepare myself a proper meal. Take today as an example, I got up at 10:00 and proceeded to watch three movies pretty much nonstop, with breaks to grab a half eaten bag of chips and a couple cans of my favorite soda. After watching these three movies, I proceeded to take an hour long nap while reading a book. Right now, it seems that I have lost the effort to call my friends on the telephone to hang out.
I am most likely just in a bored state right now. Consuming these few short weeks with a lethargic attitude is not always a bad attitude, actually I would probably kick my own ass in a few years because these days are few and very far between. These bouts of laziness are only achieved in the eras of college and unemployment. But I probably will have to cancel out the times of unemployment, due to the fact that I will most likely be spending them worrying about where the next job will pop up at. So this is a rare time in deed. On that note, I think that I will be satisfied with my current lethargic attitude towards life.


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