Monday, December 26, 2005

Reading Hunter Lately

I have been reading Hunter S. Thompson's "Kingdom of Fear" over break. The more I read him, the better I feel about myself and worse about the world. One of the passages that struck me about one of his entries is some advice his father gave him when he was ten. "Beware son. There is Trouble lurking out there in that darkness, sure as hell. Wild beasts and cruel people, and some of them will pounce on your neck and try to tear your head off, if you're not careful."

He later remarks that this is an awful heavy bit of advice to lay on a 10 year old, but he also remarked that without this piece of advice he would not be what he was to the date. Coming to a stark view on the world at such a young age gave him an advantage over his peers. Allowing himself to recognize the evil in man and not fall into the traps of trusting in your so called "friends". This is why everyone should be confident in their own ideas and beliefs, if someone tells you differently that maybe their own way of deterring you from it and taking it.

One thing that you must remember is that we all are human, and the ability to lie, cheat, and steal is ingrained into our nature. We may have religion and morals to govern ourselves, but most of it is a crock of shit. If you had the ability to steal a million dollars without having consequences or punishment for the action would you take it? FUCK YES. That is the only answer that you can give. If someone is to tell you differently, that is the fucking proof of his own dishonest nature. Most people think that we are governed by love and compassion, I think it is greed.

Greed of one's self, companion, and family. Even if someone has a bad family, i.e. bad genes, they still have children despite their own inadequacies. They want their own genes or name to live on, out of their own greed of their lineage. There are very few people who think about overpopulation, maybe there shouldn't be families of 12 all of the sudden. I think that China was right on that one. Families should only have one fucking kid. There are too many people in this world anyway. Lord knows that we shouldn't have a whole flock of Kevin Federlines out in the world. If the United States government could instigate a law sometime in the next few years about minimum intelligence to have children, I would be most grateful. There is a need for a smarter USA population. One example of the deterioration of our society is our entertainment, Reality fucking Television. We like to see everyday people live in dream worlds and bitch about how it should be in the "Big Brother House". Fuck them! Find something constructive with your life and do it, stop messing with my fucking television programming.


Blogger Cliff said...

First of all, sweet blog. Nice Entry. Second of all, if you haven't seen KING KONG yet, which I assume you have, go catch the NEXT motherfuckin show. That shit is off the fucking hook. Peter Jackson is a fucking genius.

12/26/2005 9:05 PM  
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