Sunday, December 18, 2005


Dreams are one of the most profound words in the English language. If are asked "what are you dreams". The usual answer is something that is a desire or goal that is proceeded with a long description one cannot even describe. Dreams are anything and everything that is imaginable. But if you look at them realistically the end result of our lives, turns ou to be something that is nowhere close to be achieving. Maybe that is why they are called dreams. Dreams are an area in your mind where your unconscious is allowed to play. Random synapse fire off creating images; sometimes they make sense other times they are not relevant. Well I had one last night, it is one of the most vivid I have had in a while. It is troubling to me because I usually forget my dreams and nightmares. When I remember them, I think the worst out of them. I remember one from last year where I was on a sand castle falling into an ocean, I was being chased by an invisable force, it was just hurting me.
This brings me to the vision of last night. The past summer I spent in New York City doing my internship, and since have loved the city. Last night I was back in the city. I had been traveling in a car all around, so I remember that I was working somewhere in the city. I remember coming back into the city from one of the other islands. I went to the place I worked at in the summer, but it had transformed into a large building as high as the sky. Even thoug it had grown to an amazing size in the past few monthes, it was the same including the people that I worked with. I was showing my sister all around and then had to show her the area where I stayed in the apartment. But this seemed so illogical to me because I was uptown then went back down. After a while I went to the grocery store and my sister was transformed into a new friend from there, but I didn't notice this until later. I was going to pay for something and reached to my back pocket and another hand had grabbed out my wallet. I punched away the hand, which belonged to a loiter that had been staring at me the whole time in the store. He then proceeded to pull out a knife. I heard my friend scream then I awoke.
This may not seem all that odd to another person, but I have had a lot of situations where I feel deja vu. It happens not every once in a blue moon, but like once every two monthes. It is quite scary, and it is usually the mondane events that it happens to except for once. I had deja vu the one time that I drove into the ditch swerving at a deer. In the back of my mind I have been waiting for the next time where my dreams or nightmares will occur.


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