Monday, March 14, 2005

The Mystery of Edwin Drood makes for an unfun Spring Break

Over my small spring break, my British Literature teacher decided to allow us to read The Mystery of Edwin Drood. This wasnt that bad of a novel to read, but it was our Spring Break. Why do some teachers think it is alright to give homework over Spring Break. The whole purpose of it is so we don't have to think about homework. There are a lot of students that are completely stressed out, one which is your Iowa Film Nerd. So this brings me to why I am adressing this, I am still reading this book. It was to be read to completion last week. I am still reading it! And guess what was due today, the paper considering your choice of mystery in this novel. I have decided to say that Jaspers killed Drood, because he is jealous of his love Rosa. I liek writing these types of papers, but I am under a lot stress right now. Spring Break was two weeks ago, and I am ready for the next one already. Luckily there is a little Easter break starting next Thursday.


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