Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finally We are at Finals

It is once again that time of year. The leaves have all fallen, the snow is here to stay. I am scrambling to get my homework done for the semester. Students are having all night cram sessions, that could be the case, but not here at Morningside. That is the one bad thing about this college, as far as stretching our intellect, this place is not. Most of the professors are well lazy.
I only have two actual finals. One tonight and the other one on Friday. Neither really are all that important. Right now school is boring. I am one of those people who will get easily bored with stuff. I like having new knowledge being inserted into my brain. But one thing has been there the whole time. I have never got bored with films. Deemed "the most expensive art form, and the newest" it has never ceased to amaze me. A film can wow an audience, or make them laugh. It can piss people off or change their lives. The power of film is endless. They are a way to escape, but if you look deeper you will find philosophy and a religion within. Films are as deep as you want them. I like to look into their souls. Most of the time I find reflection, the filmmakers mark on their work. Their life outlook, their pains and suffering, their frustrations and observations. That is what is so great about the art of film. But this is also what frustrates me about film. It is a corporate machine. You cannot finance a picture without mucho dollaro. You need some bank, and you need someone to part with it. If you tell people that it is going to be an art film, they will give you a few pennies, if it is a blockbuster they will give you lots of money, but at a cost. The filmmaker will have to give up their own pay or their soul of the project to keep the investors happy. This came up as an issue in King Kong. Jack Black character wanted to have the ability to do his art so much that he will borrow, steal, and kill to get his film made. That is what you have to do to make anything these days. We don't have to be honest or sincere, that is for god damn pussies. To make it in this world you have to steal your way in, fuck over your friends, and borrow from the devil. To be great is to sin, but to not go for the gold is to commit another kind of sin; to accept yourself and your place is to be lazy, in America there is no life of contempt. There is only success or failure. The world is picking sides, and you better be on the winning one.
Bob, one of my good friends, always said that Sioux City is a blackhole of a town. Sometimes I think that he is right. There seems to be quite a majority of the people that make up the population of this dump rather dumb. And as far as culture comes in this joint, there is the Orpheum. That is it, a wasteland of a town. You can go down to 4th street and have yourself a good time, wait they are only open on the weekends? Well what about the Friday and Saturday night? How are they? One word can describe this experience: awkward. If you are not in with the local sports teams AKA Mustangs you can't go to Rosie's. If you don't like to dance, you can't go to Rosie's or Tom's. If you don't like to be hanging out with old people, then avoid Sweet Fanny's. The only place you can go now is Buffalo Alice's, but that is no joy either. There is no atmosphere in the air about these local pubs. I would take the dives of Paxton or Mile's. Why must going to a bar consist of dancing? Isn't a bar the place where you go to get a drink? Why must we have to do something else. We need a bar where you can go with a few friends and enjoy your conversation. There is no need for a obviously too loud stereo system going to attract your local winos, alcoholics, and booze hounds. Give me a place where I can hang my hat and have a glass of Crown.


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