Tuesday, January 03, 2006

End of a Campaign

I just finished watching "Band of Brothers". I feel literally exhausted. Over ten hours of a mini-series, you really get to know the characters and watch them grow. I know that sounds really chiched, but it is so true. I felt the beginning few episodes were the best. I really got to know Major Winters, and I really liked him. He was perhaps my favorite character, he was a stoic figure that rose up and showed the men what to do and led them into a war for which they had trained nearly two year for. The second favorite character has to be Webster. He was with Easy Company for nearly the whole time, with the main exception of Bastogne. While recouping after Holland, he was hospitalized until they reached Germany. For this he was ostracized for being wounded. He was treated like a replacement. That is why I like him so much, sometimes I feel like a replacement, an outsider looking on in.

After this exhausting series, I have choosen to watch a safe and enjoyable movie, Casablanca. How can you go wrong with Rick and Ilsa, the star-crossed lovers that were denied and connected by a war. It is not only a love story, but also a story of hope and corruption. Corruption contained in the town of Casablanca, but it is because of the corruption that people are allowed to escape from the clutches of the German army. If it wasn't for the corruption of Rick, Ilsa and Victor wouldn't be able to escape to America, the symbol of freedom. It is nice to see a time where America is considered the land of freedom and purity. Now it is a sign of greed, unhappiness, and political unjust. We are worshipping the corporations today, we slurp down their products, stare at their images, and waste our days away. The death of the American Century is at hand. We are no longer the saviors of the world, we are the enemy.


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