Sunday, January 22, 2006

Life is just around the corner. It is something you must find

My parents have always been a source of great support, but as of lately they are more like the biggest source of pain. I am 21 and just been entered into the last semester of my Undergraduate college career. They think that at this time I should have my plan. The ultimate goal and all of the little steps between filled with the i's dotted and the t's crossed. But they have always been hardcore idealist. I am the opposite: The hardcore realist. I am the painful supervillian of their very existence. I don't dream and when I finally do, I get angry and crush them down. Grrrr! In my eyes, I see the black, white, and the many grays that are in between them.

If my life was a book, I would still be in the first chapter. When ever you read a biography of a person, they are often the largest chapter, but that is because they are jamming 21 odd years into 30-40 pages. The good part of my life in yet to come. All the events in my life are building up to a series of highs and lows that will make my life a whirlwind of excitment and adventure. Most people read biographies of their heros, in whatever genre or subgenre of life. My biography will be one filled with many different professions and careers. I am going to be a Maverick in the world. The first step will be following the graduation of the 2006 class of Morningside High.

With the help and guidance of various people in my life, I will find my life. I have decided that I am heading out of Iowa ASAP. I have found the reality of Iowa and it is not me. I need a new area to master. I think that everyone has their own Mecca. Bikers have their Sturgis, I have my New York. New York here I come, and I will not forget this place. I will use it for an inspiration on how to limit and hurt my spirit.


Anonymous Victoria said...

You may not realize this (oh realistic one) but you do have a plan. Although your parents might not recognize it, you plan on leaving Iowa (a place that doesn't make you happy) and go into a business you love.

You finishing college has just completed your first "adult-like" decision... what to do in life/what career to have. You're totally on track, don't even worry about it!

As far as getting out of Iowa ASAP, good for you. There's nothing wrong with branching out and following something you want. In my case, coming to Iowa was chasing something I knew I wanted and couldn't exactly see... some days I'm not sure if I see what I was chasing after yet. Just remember to go where your heart takes you (ok, a little trite, but, in my experience, this mentality works). Right now, you're not tied down. Go live in a foreign country for God sakes.. who's stopping you!? No one.

And I'm sorry your parents are on your ass. That sucks. Mine just made arrangements to come out to Morningside. Maybe our parents can all hang out together and give us a break for about a week. What do ya say?

1/23/2006 2:21 PM  

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