Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hunter, Change, and the Death of the American Century

These two paragraphs are taken from the book Kingdom of Fear by Hunter S. Thompson. I only use this as a start for my own opinions. I will miss you, and wish that you were still around to guide this misinformed civilization.
“The news is bad today, in America and for America. There is nothing good or hopeful about it – except for Nazis, warmongers, and rich greedheads – and it is getting worse and worse in logarithmic progressions since the fateful bombing of the World Trade Towers in New York. That will always be a festering low watermark in this nation’s violent history, but it was not the official birthday of the end of the American Century.
No. That occurred on the night of the presidential election in the year 2000, when the nexus of power in this country shifted from Washington D.C., to “the ranch” in Crawford, Texas. The most disastrous day in American history was November 7, 2000. That was when the takeover happened, when the generals and cops and right-wing Jesus freaks seized control of the White House, the U.S. Treasury, and our Law Enforcement machinery.”
These words that were written by the great late Hunter S. Thompson bring to light the true feelings in my heart as of lately. After years of believing in the American Century fallacy, I have recently discovered that there is no American Century left. The lead of this pencil has been worn out.
“All of the king’s horses
and all of the king’s men
could not get rid
of the president’s red.
Red of the country
and his soul
shows the blood of Iraq
that he has made”
My wish in this world is for the righteousness to reign true. I know that there is no hope left for this dream to frolic. The one truth of the world is that there is always war. War binds us, war divides us, and war defines us. Wars are all started from conflict, and conflict makes us what we are. The reason that the American Century has died for me is the result of the light that has recently been shed on the greatest tragedy that my generation has witnessed: the falling of the Twin Towers in New York City. It is the event that crushed my soul and brought the failings of man to the forefront.
A documentary called “Loose Change” covers the grounds for the strange occurrences that did happen on that day. My beliefs that is wasn’t a terrorist attack, it was the government. That is the simple sad shocking truth. It kills my soul. I feel sick, ill from my own government to kill thousands of our own citizens to make their own war of oil justified. This has gone on long enough. It pains me, shocks the marrow in my bones to hear this.
In this world there are so many different aspects that we should strive to achieve. Our soul should be the first and foremost area of our lives to tend to. We need to find enlightenment, achieve a greater understanding of ourselves. Without our soul, we would all cease to live a meaningful existence.
It seems that our man-child president is one to disagree with this ideal. He is opposed to gay rights to marriage, abortion, and many other rights of the individual. He is the creator and distributor of the Patriot Act. After the renewal of the Act failed, he resorted to calling the Senators names and the Constitution of the United States of American “just a piece of paper”. This event shocks and frustrates me to the point of rage. Without that piece of paper, we would not be what we are today. The Constitution, last time I checked, was the basis for our country and the principles that our fathers decided on to live our lives with. This is enough of my ranting and raving for the time being.
Shocked and exhaustedly yours,
Iowa Film Nazi EBM


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