Monday, February 13, 2006

better to be a sound than an echo

Too much in our society has revered the bold and adventurous. It is partly our own fault. These men are great examples of what to be or not, but only examples. We are in part killing ourselves with this idolization of the great, we cripple ourselves. I would use a quote from Emerson, but that would be against the purpose of this little rant. We need to be ourselves and not what society wants us to be. Defying convention is something that we must do every day, but more often than not we are disabled from doing so. America and citizens of the world are far to concerned on what others think. Government and order are the enemy. Most are disturbed to hear of this, but it is true. Government is for the people who are afraid of life in the world without structure.


Now switching topics, I must throw out a praise for my peer Clifford for his excellent blogs as of late. The pressure for me to write with the same fervor of life and creating enthralling observations. The one that struck a chord with me has to be "Tuesday 9". This is an example of good writing, it should be personal yet universal to the world. Isolation is something that I have felt more often than not. It is the theme of our generation. We were raised into a land filled with people who are only concerned with your money and time, the MTV generation. The marketing of the youth, we were manipulated to think life was about popularity and fame. When the truth life was revealed from underneath the shell of superficiality, we were left of the marrow of life. But alas, it was too late. We had to start all over again, building ourselves up from the root. Some started in high school, some earlier, some later. But the point is that the beginning of our life was a false start, a scratch in the long jump of life. Mine lasted 20 years. How long was yours?


Anonymous James said...

I like this. If you ever decide to write a book give me a copy. I would buy one but I'm poor. Anyways, keep writing and I'll keep reading.

2/14/2006 5:53 PM  

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