Thursday, October 13, 2005

Shakespeare Sucks!

One thing that I have found out in my Shakespeare Seminar course this semester so far is that Shakespeare is no genius. He is a writer that has copied his stories from history books. I mean come on. You can't even create your own stories out of thin air. You actually needed some form of inspiration! I usually have mine come out of thin air. All I want to say get your own material you bastard!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Australia + Cliff + Me = Post-Graduate Plans

So I haven't really Blogged in a while. I think that the only reason that I am blogging currently is because I am supposed to be working on my Shakespeare Seminar right now, but like always am not motivated to do so. I like the plays, they are fun, but reading a play is a bit more difficult than to watch it being performed, this is much like reading a movie script. Were movie scripts meant to be read or were they meant to be film. It is obvisously the later of the two. I am tired of reading and it is only a 1/3 into the semester. God! there is way too many things to be reading and I just want to enjoy my senior year of college, because after all next year I will become a workign stiff. Oh the life of a college graduate! Tis so noble, getting up at the crack of dawn getting ready for work and going to a place where they pay you to do something that you hate. That is the life for me.
I think that I should change my major to English, now that I am in my senior year and start all over, there are people who go to school for 7 or 8 years right? I could be the next Hunter S. Thompson if Iwanted. All I need are a shit load of drugs, some money, an attorney to travel with me on my drug-filled escapades, and a desire to never see the age of 30. Maybe I will travel with Cliff after I graduate and roam the wide plains of Australia escaping the massive debt that I found at Morningside. Lets do it Cliff! We can start the revolution, that our fathers started in the years before. The age is now, we are young, nothing to lose. This is the age of our reckless abandonment. Fuck the conventions, fuck the rules, fuck the system. We are the fucking system. The world is at our fingertips and the only tool that we need is the extention of our own hands. Hunter started it let us finish it.