Saturday, April 07, 2007

Truths on a Saturday Morning

Well here is some of the things that I discover on a Saturday morning:

It is best to be the only one up at 8:00 a.m., that way you can listen to your music without judgment.

You can be alone while everyone else is "recovering" from their Friday night.

This is possibly the start of the best day. Furthest day from the work week.

Accurate amount of time to think and digest Grindhouse, the vote is yay, but not YAY!

This time is best spent under the covers with a laptop in front of you with music and the internet.

Sugary cereal is surreal here.

Cartoons now make you feel nostalgic for the ones of your youth. No matter when you grew up, you will think those are the best....ever.

Books are not my friend in this setting.

Birthdays are just another day.

Oldies are the best listening materials on Saturday mornings, especially all of those songs that remind you of home.

You just realize that the filmmakers behind Grindhouse tried a little too hard to recreate their youth, boo.