Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's bullshit to pay $10 for "On Bullshit"

I was watching The Daily Show last night and the guest was a philosophy professor at Princeton. He wrote a paper on bullshit and its role in society and the degradation that it has on truth and the pursuit of it. I totally agree with his point. Bullshit is running rampant in our society. People talk and make up facts, they have no evidence to back their points up. This is a terrible thing for the truth. Most of us now have a bullshit meter ingrained into us, and this helps us detect it. The harmful thing about this is that people's bullshit, with constant testing, will become more and more powerful. Bullshit will run around and flurish.
I am totally getting off of the topic now. I wanted to talk about having to pay $10 for the book On Bullshit. The thing was originally an essay that was 25 pages long. Let me repeat that fact, it was only 25 pages long. But luckily the publishers goofed with the margins and turned into a whopping 67 pages long and the dimensions of the book are 6.4 x 4.5 inches. This thing is so small. I don't think that I get my money's worth, plus why should I pay for something that I could of got for free three monthes ago? I know that the professor is entitled to have his essays published and recieving money for his works, but I don't think that this dinky package is worth the money I will pay for it. Make it part of an anthology. Is that too hard?
Also when I get the time, I will sit down and read the newest issue of Rolling Stone. The cover article is Hunter S. Thompson and it is a bunch of articles written by most of his close friends. I don't know if I have truly experienced his work, but I was enthralled reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream. It was a great book, I felt as if I was tripping on acid myself. That means that he is a great writer. He can draw his audience into the subject he was writting about. Well I am off to get some homework done. I will leave you with a quote from Hunter S. Thompson.
- "There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die."

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Mystery of Edwin Drood makes for an unfun Spring Break

Over my small spring break, my British Literature teacher decided to allow us to read The Mystery of Edwin Drood. This wasnt that bad of a novel to read, but it was our Spring Break. Why do some teachers think it is alright to give homework over Spring Break. The whole purpose of it is so we don't have to think about homework. There are a lot of students that are completely stressed out, one which is your Iowa Film Nerd. So this brings me to why I am adressing this, I am still reading this book. It was to be read to completion last week. I am still reading it! And guess what was due today, the paper considering your choice of mystery in this novel. I have decided to say that Jaspers killed Drood, because he is jealous of his love Rosa. I liek writing these types of papers, but I am under a lot stress right now. Spring Break was two weeks ago, and I am ready for the next one already. Luckily there is a little Easter break starting next Thursday.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Moving, Friends, and Chuck!

Wow! It seems like I posted a lot tonight, but really I didn't. I just reposted my fairly small Blog, because apparently MNS doesn't like the word NAZI in website addresses. Who would of known. I never used it in a bad sense of the word. There was never the word JEW or KILL in the same article, well, until now. I didn't choose the name, it was given to me. Thanks a lot Tyler! He gave it to me because he was pissed that I have better tastes in movies than him. Oh well, not like I really care.
All in all, tonight was quite bizarre. I needed to do homework, and I didn't. But at least I was doing something that was worth while. I tended to my friends. Sometimes I think that no one else has problems, but everyone does. That always makes me feel better, because I really like to listen. Most people don't like to listen because they are too worried about themselves. I think that I am the exact opposite, I think that I am too scared to listen to myself so I listen to others.
I started to read another book today. It is Lullaby. It is written by the same author of Fight Club. I bought this book in the campus bookstore last year. I have been meaning to read it, but never got around to it, until today. I started to read it when I heard that Chuck Palahniuk (the author) was comming out with a new novel in May, so I had to read this before this new one is released. I am like 27 pages into it and am totally enthralled by it. He has a way of writing that, just connects with me.

Motivation Wanted!

Hello. Once again your film nerd is back. I am facing the problem that most college students do everywhere: Motivation! I feel a lackluster towards my studies this time of the year. I am now sitting in my room typing on my laptop procrastinating the inevitable time where I will have to get my books out and half-ass my assignments into completion. For tomorrow I need to write two papers and the motivation to work on these is nowhere to be found. I searched high and low in the stacks of DVD's and CD's that clutter my desk. Also I searched in the entertainment system that commands my room, but nowhere was motivation to write. It is sad to say but it is commercialism that is to blame for this, instead of the passion or desire to consume a course here at college I rather sit in my room and play a game that I have beaten numerous times. Halo 2 is the blame for this downfall in desire; a nice game of Team Slayer with 8 or 9 Halo 2 of my fellow junkies on campus is more tempting than reading a legal brief of The New York Times vs. Sullivan. You may think that Halo 2 is the only culprit in this crime of mass destruction of motivation, but no there are also the DVD's, CD's, books, MP3's, and many other things that can so easily distract me from my studies. I think that it might be the avaiabilty of these vices is whom I shall blame. Sometimes I need complete isolation from society to get any work done. There is always someone in the dorm that wants to play Halo 2, wants to watch a movie, or just wants to "talk", not imagining that I still need to complete my homework. I wonder if these people do their homework. This makes me think that next time an assignment comes along I need to run from the class directly into my room, and avoid as many people as possible. Once inside my room I will proceed to padlock and chain my room shut, taking the phone off of the hook and taking the battery out of my cell phone. I will hang a sign on my door saying "Stay the fuck away! I'm trying to do homework!" Oh well, with all of this bitching, I am still nowhere close to being done with the fore mentioned homework. Until next time, try to watch a good movie.

Hunter S. Thompson Lost

Hello once again. This is one sad week for the Iowa Film Nerd. It is the week of mid-terms and one of the great writers of the great decades has passed. Hunter S. Thompson. Although I have only read one of his books, I was completely taken by the effects of it. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was eye-opening experience. What a fucking trip! Within that book there were so many things that made me laugh, and there were other times were I was completely taken back by the attitude of the main characters. I identify with the search for the "American Dream" out there, for I too am in this same boat. When and where will I find mine? But this event brought to mind thoughts of re-evaluating my life, with so much to experience in the world when I will have time to consume it. There are so many brilliant people in the world, but will I meet any in Sioux City, Iowa? When there is a loss of this magnitude, it just hurts inside. This also brings out feelings like I should begin to write. I write papers, but I just need to write and get my life on paper, because who knows when I will meet my demise. When this happens in my life, will I have something to offer the world in my place? Did I make an impact in the world or was I just a waste of space? All I know is that, with the loss of Hunter S. Thompson, there must be another to rise up and take his place. So I ask the college students to challenge the "American Dream" and find our own, tell your perception of reality, and offer yourself to society to become a blunt tool of criticism. We all need to strive for uniqueness. As for now, I'm over and out. Oh yeah, Dallas this is for you. "Peace Out"

Iowa Film Nerd Sighted!

Hello all of Iowa! This is the Film Nazi. I am going to start to enforce good movies upon all of you Iowans, because if we don't stop watching shitty movies they won't stop making them. The studios will make only things that will continue to make money. You won't see better movies until you prove that good movies will make money. I stopped seeing the most popular movies because about 4 years ago I realized that they were giant piles of fical matter that is spewing into our nations rivers every year. I must plea to all in the state of Iowa to go see the movies that are different. See something that is original! Don't believe the fuckin trailers, all of them lie, and I do mean all of them. You need to go see the Donnie Darko's, the Memento's, and the Fight Club's. Sorry if my youthful angst comes across in the titles that I am endorsing. Not to say that all of the movies that came out this year are total crap, there are a few that come across as outstanding, most of them are up for Oscars this year. Sideways, Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Collateral, and a few others made my tops of the year.