Monday, April 03, 2006

Day of birth and the great Hemingway

It has been a while since I have posted, but I think that today is a good day to post. It is my birthday today. I have officially achieved 22 years of age. I think 22 is a fine year, it is the year that you become too old for college. Wow, it is the year typically achieved by graduates of undergraduate programs across the nation.

One might ask me how I am going to spend my birthday? Well, I have already gone out to a bar, but that was for the Sunday night special. I have received a lot of "happy birthdays" via facebook, for which I am a little impressed. But the effort to type "happy birthday" is fairly easy. The calls are the best ones. My father tried to wake me up early to wish me a happy birthday, but I was deep in my birthday sleep. Also I have attended the first event of Greek Week, the egg toss. It was a good time, DSP crushed the Acacians and AOPees. We are now up by 2 points so far and by the end of the night I hope to be up by 6.

I am planning on going out for the annual Applebees treat, then heading out to the bars for a good drink. I hope to have a good time, and keep my alcohol down tonight. But I think that there are a few too many people that would think it is a good idea to feed me shot after shot of disgusting liquor. All I know is that I will be the embodiment of drunkness, so if I call you do not be alarmed by my inability to speak in coherent and complete sentences.

On another note I am currently trying to get a job somewhere doing work in the film industry. I hope to move out to Cali or NYC. I loved NYC, but if there is better chances in Cali, it might be the better choice for me.

Also, I must comment on my current reading selections. Victoria will disagree with me until her last breath, but I am fascinated currently by Ernest Hemingway. I think I am more enamored by the myth of him than anything else. He is notorious for being a drunk and a chauvinist, but he is the embodiment of masculinity. He was a traveler, a soldier, a hunter, a fisherman, a citizen of the world, and also a writer. He was a man of many pleasures and vices, but all of these just add to his no-holds-barred attitude towards life. Hemingway was unafraid to live and live in excess. It is sad that he was led to take his own life, but after a brilliant life as his, where could he go? I think he had been lull and couldn't take it.

I loved The Sun Also Rises. It had all of the things that a man could want; I dame that is just a dame, plenty of alcohol, a bloody sport ie bullfighting, and guys who had money to throw around on expensive trips. It also had a great ending: "Yes," I said. "Isn't it pretty to think so." The ending won't be ruined until you read the novel.

Another one that has touched me is The Snows of Kilimanjaro. It is about a man who is fatally wounded and going through the process of death. The most touching part is the lesson that the main character learns. Dreams are things that we wish to happen to us, and only if we pursue them we can fathom to achieve them. Throughout his life, the main character has acquired many stories and thoughts that he has wished to write about. When his life has been cut short, he is left to dictate them to his wife in a random occurrence. It is a tragedy of sorts. This is also proof that there are many stories that happen around us and are worthy of telling. The smallest story often teach us about nature of life.

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